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zoom teeth whitening

ZOOM In-Office Whitening:

At East Alabama Dental Group, we provide the ZOOM In-Office Whitening System. It is a safe, effective and state-of-the-art treatment approach. The primary benefit of this treatment is most patients achieve shades lighter teeth in one visit.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening is an in-office procedure, that uses hydrogen peroxide whitening gel in conjunction with Zoom laser light to achieve the finest results in the quickest possible time. For optimal results, schedule a regular cleaning and dental assessment prior to your whitening treatment. At this visit, we can assess your oral history and the overall health of your teeth and gums to make sure Zoom is the right fit for your needs. If you have any dental problems, we will address those before moving forward with the whitening procedure.

We will take impressions of your teeth and create trays to hold whitening gel for use at home. Once all of the initial steps are completed, we will begin the ZOOM In-Office Whitening by covering your lips and gums to protect them from the whitening solution.

A special hydrogen peroxide gel is then applied to the teeth and utilizes the ZOOM laser light to activate the gel. This process will take 15 minutes to finish, and then the steps are repeated two more times.

To conclude the treatment, we will apply a special fluoride gel to the teeth to help reduce sensitivity caused by the repeated applications of the whitening gel.

You will also be sent home with a ZOOM Whitening touch-up kit that includes your custom-fit trays and whitening gel. Your East Alabama Dental Group dentist will give you instructions for using the take-home kit to keep your teeth white for as long as possible.

ZOOM Whitening is the fastest way to whiter teeth. It is extremely comfortable for patients and lasts when compared with other whitening options, a very long time. The results are obvious immediately following the procedure. You will leave your visit with your ZOOM Whitening home kit and it will help extend the life of your whiter smile. Use your kit to touch-up areas that may need it, so you and your brand new smile will keep looking and feeling your best.

ZOOM Whitening is clinically proven to be both safe and effective as a whitening treatment. It has very few side-effects when used correctly by a dental professional. Tooth sensitivity, caused by the whitening gel itself, is the only common side-effect, and counteracting this effect is the reason we apply the special fluoride gel to your teeth following the procedure. Any lingering sensitivity will fade with time, and should be no cause for concern.

As you can see, ZOOM In-Office Teeth Whitening is a safe, comfortable, effective, and fast way to brighter, whiter teeth. The confidence you feel when you smile is worth the investment.

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