New Patient

We are delighted that you have chosen our office!

Our initial examination appointment is used to obtain a complete dental history and a comprehensive clinical examination with the dentist along with necessary x-rays. Our ultimate goal is to help you preserve your natural teeth and maintain your oral health. Our new patients exams do not always include dental cleanings. At the conclusion of your initial exam, we will schedule an appointment for your cleaning that is tailored to your specific needs. This ensures you get the time and attention you deserve.

For your first appointment, please bring a form of ID, your insurance card if applicable and your New Patient Forms.

Affordable Financing
No insurance? No problem! For your convenience we accept cash, Discover, Visa, major insurance, participating insurance, MasterCard, and CareCredit.

Our team will be happy to help you with any questions regarding your insurance coverage.

CareCredit is a third-party financing program that sets up a monthly payment plan to pay for your dental treatments. There is no application fee, no down payment, and optional interest-free plans. If you are interested in using CareCredit to pay for your treatment, we welcome you to contact our office or click below.

Nervous Patients

Please don't let dental anxiety come between you and the dental care you desire. Dr. Thompson, Riley and their team will work to ensure you are as comfortable as possible in our office. We provide warm blankets, head/neck pillows and even nitrous oxide to make your dental experience more pleasant.

Call us today and we can further discuss how we alleviate anxiety for nervous patients.

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